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Travel Logs : Landing in Tacloban


I arrived in Tacloban at exactly six in the morning. It just rained. The first sight that welcomed me is the runway almost at the same level of the sea. The harrowing scene of Yolanda came to mind. If Tacloban is this flat, she really came barging in.


Steering away from the persuasion of my mom, i didn't go straight to the van terminal that will cross me to Eastern Samar. Instead, I gave in to my actual intent once the plane touched down. That is, go around the city, see for myself what has become of the place that was largely ravaged by a storm surge four years ago.


Going to the city's downtown area is as easy as hopping a multicab just outside the airport. No specific sign needed. If you see Tacloban written on it, get into it. Unless you're the only passenger and the driver looks shady. Then stay put.


I hopped off the multicab just infront of Sto. Nino Parish Church. I knew from research that almost all landmarks are near it. I tried to take some photos of the church. But It was overcast. Not a great time to take pictures. So I decided to continue my walk, just circumvent and be surprised on where will I end up to. I found myself in Zamora Street. From there, as checked on Google Maps, if I just continue to walk straight I will eventually end up in the port of Tacloban.


Since it was a weekend and very early in the morning, there are just few people walking. Establishments are still closed. Nothing is really happening except for people waiting for commerce to start.


Help from several countries came pouring after the disaster of Haiyan. This store above is among the recipients.


There is this vague feeling i have in me as i continue my walk towards Tacloban Port. This is in no way a criticism to the city, but somehow i felt that it has not yet totally recovered from the tragedy. The surrounding is still shell-shock. It strives to get into business as usual mode, but there is an inexplicable sadness lurking. 

Each steps i made suddenly became heavy.


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