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Travel Logs: Thou Shall Not Be Greedy When You Travel


I needed this vacation, more than it needed me.

My mom has been urging me to come along with her and pop's yearly vacation in the province. I have a different plan for May. That plan was scrapped. A window opened for me to this family vacation.

I needed a breather. Work and personal life is suffocating me. I always get this urge to travel when I start to hate everyone. So even if the fare costs the same as flying to Bangkok, of course provided I booked a promo fare, I went into it.


I needed to set foot in an airport. I need that whiff of waiting and excitement in the air. For someone who is afraid of flying, I enjoy my time in the airport in reverse.


Terminal 3 is the busiest among the 4 terminals in NAIA. It is the newest and largest too. It now houses shops from international brands. Got itself many food choices too, much to the convenience of fliers like me.


I was in the terminal wee bit early because I incorrectly read my boarding time. I've got some hours to take some photos.


15 minutes to the boarding gate opening, the crew of PAL uttered an announcement. PR2981 is overbooked. 5 volunteers are requested to give up their seats in exchange of two return ticket valid for one year to anywhere in the Philippines or P3000.00 cash. Plus a confirmed booked ticket to the same destination afternoon of the same day.


The United Airlines incident was still fresh in my mind. If there's any bright side on that news, I have come to discover that airlines will raise the cash incentive if no flier bite on the first offer. The 3k initial offer is not worth the 8 hour waiting time I have to do for the replacement flight they offered. Flights to Tacloban are limited, I am pretty sure no one will bite the first offer. I waited for the next one.

Indeed, there was no taker for first one, so PAL raised it to 5000 pesos. My palms got sweaty. Is 5k worth the excitement of my parents that I arrive early in their hometown? Is it worth scrapping my Tacloban photo walk?

I digressed.

I am seated near PAL's information booth. I see no flier approach it. Maybe there can be a third offer. P7000.oo. I'll take that. With that moolah, I can have a pig roasted for the clan.  Mom and Pops will be delighted.

No third offer came.  I laughed at myself. With a slight grudge, I am not sure if towards PAL or towards myself, I lined myself to the airport shuttle that will take me to my plane.

To make myself calm, I just thought about the early morning photo walk that do in Tacloban.

But the travel gods didn't forgive my greed.


They made me seat in front of an obnoxious kid who will continue to babble the whole flight and who would keep on kicking my seat (just like those assholes in the movie). It's the most exasperating in flight travel I had. I can just imagine those people who experienced the same in a long haul flight. It's something you will wish to your enemy.

I should have taken the PAL's bounty when they raised it to 5000 pesos. Truth to tell, greed will not take you anywhere. Especially during travel.

So yeah.

Obnoxious Kid: 1

Mad Greedy Adult: 0


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