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Successful Resolution


Let's all get back to reading!


It's the best resolution you can demand yourself.


You know what they say on not making a resolution? Because you are only gearing yourself to disappointment.

But ha, this year I actually made a resolution, that is to get back into reading.

Reading books. It is my most successful resolution yet.

When the new year came, one of the things I promised myself is to get back into reading. I can finish a 500-page fiction back when I was in college. Since I started working, my attention span had gotten shorter and shorter. Smart phones became big. Social media even bigger. Suddenly, there are cooler things to entertain yourself than seat and leaf through pages of a book.

However, like any bibliophile trapped in corporate world, I continue to buy books even when I know I won't have time to read it. I've got money to buy pretty and interesting books but I refuse to have time. Oh, the irony.

The books got stockpiled with only dusts caressing their borders.

So when this year entered, I told myself that I really should clear my backlogs. Read everything that is in my shelf first.

I didn't give myself any numbers or deadline. I only demanded myself to read at least two books everyday. One fiction, one non-fiction. The fiction is scheduled to be read in the morning. Breakfast time. The non-fiction will be my before bedtime read. This proved to be the winning formula. By the time of this posting. I have already finished three books. Not only for the sake of finishing them. Each of those books resonated on me. There was a sense of achievement after reaching the last page. Learnings have been retained.

Indeed, it is my best resolution yet.


I am now currently reading Neal Stephenson's Seveneves.

What's yours?


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