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Photo Diary : Port of Tacloban


Setting foot in the Port of Tacloban somehow enliven my spirit from my long off Zamora Street.


The port is pulsating.


Lurking behind is a skeleton of a tragic past.




Four years ago, this coast is a harrowing image of death and destruction.


Ate is not so delighted of my paparazzi shot. 

They look like they just arrived from an overnight sail.

I can't imagine myself in an open ocean trip inside a boat of this scale overnight. Never.


We call this "katig" in Tagalog.


Merchant of Tacloban


How i wished i timed this photo a lot faster. The composition too.

Photography is a continuous learning i suppose.


Liners like this were swept into the coast of San Juanico Strait by Haiyan.


Waiting for mom?


We call this leaf vegetable "kangkong" in Tagalog.

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