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Jumpers of Minasangay


I knew before going to Minasangay Eco-Park that i'll be shooting the brave cliff jumpers of this resort. They will be the focus of my camera for that day.

Boy, for someone who cannot thread in any body of water, you don't know the risks i took to shoot below photos. The beach is rocky. The sharp coral type. Good thing i have enough gym time which helped my balance as balancing between the rocks is a little bit challenging. I got bruises on my calves after this. But no "ragrets", i enjoyed every minute shooting the Jumpers of Minasangay.


The poetry of cliff jumping.

Start happy.

Never hesitate.

Prepare to land (or sunk).


You gotta give it to this guy for cliff diving in his jeans.


Wiiii.. Free as a bird.


Our jumper right here looks like he botched his jump. You have to take it from me that he survived this dive. He was saved by that bird. Kidding. He is fine after hitting the water, promise


This guy look animatedly long.


Cliff jumping is not only for the young, our Manong right here wants to prove that.


It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Iron Man.


Above photo could have been my favorite shot in this bunch. If only i was able to time it in when our guy was still a little above the mountain. I really like how straight up he is. That could have been great captured moment.


Since the previous photo didn't end up the way i liked it. This is my pick instead. The absence of the diving board in the composition made him look like he just fell out of nowhere and about to swoop that woman. The woman didn't look delighted.

What about you, what is your favorite among my shots?

I'll appreciate your feedback. You can use the comment form in the end of this post.



Shot configuration:

ISO: all at 200

I could have used my 14-45mm/3.5-5.6 Lumix Vario for this, but this vacation rekindled my love to my 50mm Nikon Series E so i shun away to what could have been easy AF and trusted my thumb's reaction time together with the great optics of my clunky prehistoric lens. Hohoho.


I changed the treatment to B&W using Adobe Lightroom for purpose of aesthetic. Tweaked the tone too.



Minasangay Island Ecological Park and Resor is a declared protected  

If you are coming from the south, it is at least a four hour trip from Tacloban. It is part of Balangkayan Municipality.

Cliff Diving is the main attraction of the place. You can go snorkeling too. Not really a place to go swimming and lounging in the beach because the seabed is rocky.

It's a terrific place though for barkada outing or family reunion, just like what we did.

Entrance fee for adults is 20 pesos per head if you are not from Balangkayan. Half of it if you are a resident. The place is still under development. Expect fees to go up in a year or two. Cottages can be rented in price range between 100-500 pesos. If you are a small group pick that one that is built above a rock formation. For big groups take Cottages 1-5 just like what we did.

Book in advance especially if your trip is during the weekends.

The local government of Balangkayan and its constituents are doing a good job on this place. If you find yourself near this town, please come and support by visiting Eastern Samar destination.

Here is what i consider to be its Official Facebook Page based on its number of likes and feedback. Contact number of the administration is posted there.


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