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In Pursuit of Happiness


It's a passion project long overdue.

I knew in my heart creating content online gives me burst of happiness inside. To put it generally,  creating something, may it be from mind or hand, give me the utmost joy.

However, I never made myself dive in wholly to it. I was passive. That was a mistake.

I've tried different platforms. There was Blogger, WordPress, Multiply, Tumblr, name it and you'll find @ellizoid on it. None of it has gotten into a mature life expectancy. Maybe I wasn't ready yet. Maybe I procrastinated. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Then the social media hostile takeover happened. Blogging has now been made obsolete by Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of their friends (or adversaries?).

I am not here to resurrect blogging. I just thought, that for myself, the best avenue to present things I am passionate about is through online publishing.

Which brings us to the operative word in my introductory sentence.


Posts on this blog will be mostly things that I am enthusiastic about.

Photography. Travel. Arts & Design. Fitness. Technology. Retail. Books. Words.

And whole lot of other things.

The first four months of this year has been all gains and losses. Mathematically, that makes one-third of my annual a breakeven.

I claim that the remaining two-thirds will be all Opportunities.

Opportunities knock on the door of the braves who come knocking back to opportunities with passion in tow.

Hopefully, showcasing my passion in this little area of the internet I call my own, will bring me opportunities. Unbounded opportunities.

As I see it,  eventually this website will evolve into something more than a journal. I'd like to call it a home which will house my creations. A house that will be built with my creativity, both digital and analog.

Ultimately, I wish for this project to bring me to that pursuit of happiness that long evaded me. No. That is incorrect. I was the one who kept on avoiding my happiness. It was there all along, like a monkey on my bank or a white elephant in the room that I keep on shunning.

Now I tell myself, enough is enough.

I am gonna get you buddy!

In the end, you will only regret not owning your happiness
— Read somewhere in Instagram


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