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Carefree in La Goulette


La Goulette is a coastal area in Tunis. According to locals this is where you go to have your seafood-fix near the city. It’s a 20 to 30 minute cab ride if you are staying around Avenue Habib Bourguiba. But if you are like me who woke up one morning and said to their self that this won’t be the day that i will get ripped off by a cab drivers then by all means please take the train going to La Marsa in Tunis Marine station (Blue Line). Your wallet will not only thank you, your eyes will also feast on what probably be one of the most scenic, albeit short train route i ever rode. The train track passes through La Goulette Road. A narrow road that dissects Lake Tunis. I think it’s a man-made land area that is built to connect La Goulette to the city center. Clever i must say. For the most part of your journey you have a 360 degree view of the lake. Pretty and neat.

Worth to mention that there are three stations with “Goulette” on its name. If it’s your first time going there, you can drop off at any of the these station. It doesn’t matter because in a few minutes of walk you’ll reach the beach area just the same.


I arrived in La Goulette around lunch time. Folks, especially the youngins are out and about under the sun. It’s the start of summer when i came to Tunisia so people are flocking the beach with friends and families. As i skirt around the road facing the beach i chanced upon these group of boys playing beach football. A couple of them willingly pose in front of my camera. Cute.

_1130339 (1).jpg

I love the vibe in La Goulette. I think anywhere that there is a beach is a defacto happy place.

It’s also where i experienced the kindest gesture i ever received in my years of traveling. It’s worthy of it’s own blog post which i will surely write soon.