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This is an old essay i posted in my Facebook back when the issue is still at its peak.

The government is the culprit. All the past and the present.

We have grown accustomed of our state's incompetence that it has now become a taboo to blame it.

Putting the blame on the poor demands lesser effort.

But, the government is the one to blame. All the past and the present.

To castigate KADAMAY's members by virtue of the belief that the poor (by society's standard) who remain poor are leeches to law-abiding and tax-paying middle class (by society's standard) is just another form of elitism. To tell these people "Keep your dirty feet off our deliberately dilapidated properties because you are all just lazy" is ignorant.

Middle class lives to this creed that if you do right & you pay right, all your invested hard work will be rewarded. But with a crooked and clueless government like ours, it does not work that way most of the time.

If i am head of a family of seven, with the youngest just an infant, another a disabled, living on lowly means with no roof over our heads, come typhoon season the Barangay Chairman tells me "Cong. Tong passed a law that will let you live in that bungalow over there intended to a sergeant". Surely, i will come running to occupy that space. Will i feel guilty that i, an elementary graduate get to acquire a house in the expense of a military personnel who is probably a coddler of a small time drug syndicate? Hell no. Will i question Cong. Tong motives? I will not care.

Shelter is a basic need for everyone. That is taught in every level of schooling. It is the government's function to provide it to its citizens. The thing is, again, our government are full of imbeciles. Mastering a plan to government subsidized housing, so that every Filipino can live in their own homes , is ten bullet points below How to Win The Next Election in their agenda.

There is already too much divisiveness in this world to pit ourselves against our fellow Filipinos who happen to not have the same privileges as ours. If they happen to lose a benefit because of their own wrongdoing is irregardless. Everyone has a right to an adequate standard of living and that includes housing. (UDHR Art. 25 Sec. 1)

Instead of being disgruntled on how come these people were able to cut the line. Why don't we gather all together for a call of action against the instigator of the line: our government.

Question it.

Why do we need a line in a service you owe to deliver to us in the first place?

On top of this essay is a powerful illustration from artist Angus Maguire commissioned by Interaction Institute for Social Change.

Let us not live inside the bubble of our own entitlement, the same as into the adversity of others.



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